1977: Originally established as a 100% state-owned enterprise, the original name was Frozen Factory, Long Dinh. The factory started off with 3 contact freezers, producing 30 tons of block frozen pineapple with 3 shifts per day & 250 workers/shift. Products were mostly pineapples exported to Russia and Eastern Europe.
1992: Vegetigi installed its first canning system. From then, we not only exported frozen pineapples but also canned pineapples. From this year on, we also expanded our market to Western Europe and other markets.
1997: With pineapple still being our iconic product, we had strong demand for a juice and concentrate system to utilize the off-cuts. We were the 1st one in Southern Vietnam to build the juice & concentrate processing line. Our system was from Germany company Krupp, GFT. The negotiations, contract signing, actual installation & training took 3 years from 1994 to 1997.

1998: With severe competition in the fruit processing industry, we abolished 3 contact freezers to install IQFs. Our first IQF was installed in 1998 and our second one was installed in 2007. We also installed air-blast freezer system in 2016
2006: The company became a joint-stock enterprise and was renamed to Vegetigi - Tien Giang Vegetables & Fruits Joint-Stock Company, in which the government stake was reduced to 40%. After being partly privatized, the company production soared significantly, from 7,618 tons of final products in 2006 to 14,632 tons of final products in 2011.
2011: The government withdrew its stake completely and Vegetigi became 100% privatized. 2011 was also a highly successful year with production of 14,622 tons final products.
2012: Out of many companies in Vietnam, we were chosen as the sole supplier of quail eggs in cans and pouches to Japanese market. We not only implemented strict Japanese production standards but also carefully sourced high quality quail eggs. We cooperated with specifically qualified farms to guarantee no-antibiotics quail eggs raw materials. We have our staff members to be present and monitor feeds and the nurture of quails in the farms everyday.
2018: With severe competition in pineapple products, we have shifted our focus to mango, dragon fruit and young jackfruit. We are the first company in Vietnam to export canned young jackfruit in large quantities since 2018. In 2019, our young jackfruit in cans are bought by Aldi, one of the most popular supermarket chains in Europe.
2019: From only a small amount of containers exported when we first started quail eggs production in 2012, we sold 90 containers of quail eggs all over the world in 2019: 66 fcls to Japan, 18 fcls to Singapore, 6 fcls to the U.S.A. Our main markets include Japan, Singapore and the U.S.A.
2020: We are the first company in Vietnam to export IQF young jackfruit in big quantities to Europe at 400 tons/year. Our IQF young jackfruits are then further processed to vegetarian food by our customer. This is the result of our ongoing investment in R&D and an emphasis in innovative products.


This year, we also finish construction of 1 cool storage (0-5 Celsius degrees) with capacity of 150 tons, and 1 cold storage (-22 Celsius degrees) with capacity of 450 tons.

In the midst of Covid-19, we are still able to finish a 2nd cool storage (0-5 Celsius degrees) with a capacity of 450 tons, increasing Vegetigi's overall cool storage capacity to 600 tons.

Cool storage helps store raw materials in a closed space without interference of pests, moisture and the hot environment in Vietnam. Cool storage can also keep raw materials more fresh and higher quality in general.
By January, 2022, we complete construction of a brand new frozen/IQF factory. This new factory is BRC certified grade A+, with strictest standards for food safety and quality.

We install in this factory newest model of Octofrost - one of the most popular and modern machineries for IQF (Individual Quickly Freezer), with a capacity of minimum 1.8 tons/hour.

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Also, in this year, we have finished renovating and combining some old cold wareshouses into 1 bigger cold warehouse with a capacity of 550 tons of frozen finished products, which increases Vegetigi's overall cold storage capacity to 1,230 tons.


With our motto and highest attention to food safety, food quality and company's development, we have invested majority of our capital and profits over the years to constructions, renovations and machinery and equipments.
We are proud to be the first company in Vietnam to export glass jar kimchi and glass jar mini rings in different flavors to European major supermarket chains. Our focus in R&D and its efficiency have yielded in continuously new and innovative products.


Also, in this year, we install conveyor belt system & a pre-freezer in our newly built 2021 IQF factory, which increases our capacity of IQF products from 1.8 tons/hour to 3 tons/hour. With increasing demand from customers for our products, we have to keep up with both machinery, equipments and manpower to satisfy increasing orders.

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