At Vegetigi, we possess 4 processing lines with capacity as followed:
  1. Frozen processing lines with capacity of 10,000 tons/year
  2. Canned processing lines with capacity of 5,000 tons/year
  3. A juice and concentrates processing line with capacity of 4,000 tons/year
  4. Quail eggs processing lines with capacity of processing 400,000 quail eggs raw materials per day.
Human Resource:Many of our workers have worked at Vegetigi for more than 10 years, and a significant portion of our officers have stayed with the company for more than 20 years. They contribute in-depth expertise, practical experiences and expert knowledge that is no match in the industry.

We also often welcome to our team new members to bring in new perspectives and innovative thinkings.

We provide continuous training to our employees, both internally and externally through workshops and training courses. We are proud of ourselves for constantly R&D, offering new products that are commercially successful and widely accepted.